skinner (150K)
Stock removal. Steel blade (feels like 1050, though it had kind of an odd color to it very white - so maybe something else) cut from an old machete. The bolsters are from nickel silver stock. The corby rivet is also nickel silver. The scales are of bloodwood.

folder1_00 (46K)

folder1_01 (45K)

folder1_02 (72K)

folder1_03 (65K)

Folder 1
My first folder. Stock removal. Steel blade and spring ("American Alloy" whatever that means - feels slightly less hard than L-6) cut from a Buck Bros Jack Plane Iron. The bolsters are from mild steel. The liners are file-worked brass. The scales are of cocbolo, gabon ebony and lacewood (though if I had to do it over, I would have left out the cocobolo - it would have look much better).

Didn't come out quite as clean as I would have liked but hey: it works!